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Hacks to Generate Leads on Social Media Platforms

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Source: Freepik

The cornerstone of business growth is lead generation. It requires patience and perseverance to nurture your leads, to keep them interested long enough that they convert from potential customers to paying customers. Your process of lead generation can be a variety of strategies, at the end of the day they all need to lead to the point that your product or service is essential to your leads and the key is to demonstrate how.

One wouldn’t be wrong to assume that an average human today is using one or the other social media platform. The extent of social media’s impact on people’s daily life is far-reaching. This is a substantial opportunity that can’t be taken lightly as it can make your brand. Information such as replies to trials, and signups for blog updates by your leads can be your stepping stone to the next stage of nurturing them. Keep in touch with them regularly with relatable articles, posts from social media, etc. Keep them captivated, and increase their interest in your brand to the point they convert to paying customers. Here are some of the tried and proven lead generation techniques to go for on social media platforms.

1. Pay Attention to the Complaints about your Competitor’s Products

Keep your ear to the ground. Tracking your competitor’s mentions on social media is one way to achieve the feat of understanding the needs of the people without spending any additional resources on market research, and then you have the provision to improve your product to make it better by not repeating the mistakes of your competitor.

Engaging with your target audience online is a sure-shot way to establish your brand as reliable and trustworthy. Participate in discussions, leave comments with valuable information relevant to the discussion, and answer questions with solutions backed by research and simple language. Know your niche well and go the extra mile to understand the intricacies.

Here is a demonstration. Semrush is one of the many brands that make the best use of opportunities. This Twitter user’s issue is with the recent changes in Ahref’s subscription model. Here Semrush illustrates the importance of keeping track of the competitor’s (Ahref’s) mentions on social media. Semrush presents a solution to the user’s issue and takes the chance to promote and establish itself as dependable. By keeping track of their competitor’s mentions on social media, Semrush is presented with numerous occasions to work on improving their product and promoting them at the same time.

2. Generate Leads by Responding to Problems

Responding to users seeking advice on social media on anything related to your niche is beneficial to generate leads. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, and Quora are the best places to find users looking for answers. The idea is to provide appropriate answers without being over promotional, or incomplete. The answers show your expertise on the matter, hence the brand’s reputation is at stake. The quality of the answer matters. Researched answers backed by well-written language indicate your expertise in the matter. Engage with empathy in a timely fashion. The early bird gets the worm.

The Reddit user’s question is answered by another in the comment section with an appropriate solution. The user providing the appropriate solution has tags below their username that show their competency on the matter. These tags can be awarded only by mods after gauging the user’s knowledge about the subject. The point is that the user is to the point and presented the solution simply.

3. Answer the Call for Advice to Generate Leads

Lead generation can be easier when you know your target audience. It isn’t an easy task, but recognizing their needs can take a substantial load off. In the case of generating leads on social media, it is obvious that interacting with the users of your niche is the way to go forward. The interaction needs to be done right to leave a lasting impression as a dependable entity.

Understanding the ways of your niche is essential. You can start by joining communities and groups dedicated to your niche on various social media platforms. Most communities are private. The users actively undertake efforts to keep it that way to maintain the integrity of their cause. Interacting with the users includes commenting to share valuable information on related trending topics, and participating in discussions on others’ issues. Posting ad-like messages and direct links to your brand’s landing pages is the fastest way to get removed from the group.

In this scenario, the user’s query is answered in the right manner. A straight answer while being promotional in the least. The user could be providing the answer using the brand’s expert social media account but doesn’t draw any suspicions of being sponsored. A plain solution accompanied by an alternative.

4. Participate to Generate Leads

Participation is one of the basic functionalities of social media. It also happens to be the key to generating leads on social media. Discussions on various trending topics happen all the time on all social platforms. Interactions in the form of commenting, giving your view, and sharing relevant posts or comments from elsewhere can benefit your brand. Brands involved in discussions related to trending topics or industry-related topics remain relevant. Jumping on the bandwagon is an opportune way to establish one’s presence.

Every single engagement no matter the form is integral as they all can be found by parties interested in your brand and product. The posts that you like, share and comment on all account for engagement. Instagram’s hashtags, threads of popular tweets, the comment section of a hot post on Reddit, and many more similar places have the highest engagement rate. Your brand’s stance on any issue is available to your prospects, hence play your card right.

Semrush demonstrates the importance of participation here. The brand’s participation humanizes it in the eyes of the users. The comment regarding the availability of a free-level account provides the users with relevant information while adding value to the discussion and promoting the brand.

Lead generation on social media should be a priority as the efforts required is substantially low and the results equally great. Explore these hacks, and implement them to find out what suits your brand best to generate leads. It is essential to understand that the results carry equal importance and change your methods with time to suit the hour. Happy lead generation!


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