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Here’s what you can expect on FAQs about Google Discover in Publishing space

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Google’s Discover is a feed of articles and videos delivered to a user based on their searches and interaction with the featured content. Discover consists of personalized content that has been curated based on your web activity, YouTube history, search history, and more. Discover employs Google News AI/ML to collect trending news and articles that might interest you. Discover’s algorithm is only as good as the information you feed it. The content that appears initially is random, but with time it gets better suited to your preferences.

In the digital publishing arena, Discover has already made waves and has forced many to make changes to fit its standards. Discover stands to gain more users with every passing day. Here’s a list of questions that may arise if you are looking to be featured on Discover.

  • How do I get my content on Google Discover?

If your website is indexed and follows Google’s content policies, it will appear on Discover. Creating a site map and submitting it to Google aids in being considered for inclusion. Creating quality content is the one essential factor that ensures the appearance of your article on Discover.

  • How do I optimize my website for Google Discover?

  1. Optimize the website to AMPs.

  2. High-quality visual content gets more prominence.

  3. Google’s content publishing policy needs to be followed to the letter: Original, Fresh, and Answers queries.

  4. Work on evergreen content and popular blogs

  • What is Google Discover used for?

Discover is a personalized collection of articles that have been curated based on the user’s choices. Users have the choice of optimizing what appears on their Discover by choosing the topics of their choice to follow.

  • How do you get listed on Discover?

The content needs to be relevant and current. The uniqueness of the article and the insight provided by it are responsible for the longevity of the article. Using high-quality images generates interest among the people. Click-bait tactics are discouraged.

  • Is Google Discover traffic organic?

Discover is different from a regular search. Since it is a queryless search, the traffic is unpaid and organic. The right strategy can send notable organic traffic and increase the visibility of your site.

  • Is AMP required for Google Discover?

Yes, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) format is still relevant although it is not a necessity anymore.

  • How do you get featured on Google Discover?

Discover features articles that are highly engaging, so the first thing to pay attention to is a high-quality image of 1200 px or more as it helps in grabbing people’s attention. Discover’s algorithm follows E-A-T - Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness, and getting rid of clickbait headlines benefits all.

  • Is Google Discover only on mobile?

Yes, Google Discover is indeed a mobile-only experience.

  • How do I get my article ranked higher?

Blogs that rank above all have the common features of having a mobile-friendly website, high-quality images with proper tags, publish content on popular and evergreen topics, embed Youtube videos into articles.

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Discover is similar to Google News in many ways, but the key difference is it is a queryless search. Google News remains a collection of news articles while Discover is customizable according to the user’s wishes.


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