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Key Highlights from Sistrix CTR study of SERP's 2020

The most important results summarised

■ The average click rate for the first position in Google is 28.5%

■ Beyond position 1 the percentage falls quickly: In the second position, the average clickrate is 15.7% and the in the third position, 11%

■ In the tenth position, only an average of 2.5% of people searching click on the result.

■ Global CTRs across all types aren't very useful because depending on the search intention, and therefore SERP layout, the CTR for position #1 will vary between 13.7% and 46.9%

■ Searches for which Sitelinks are shown have a much better CTR than pure organic SERPs. (46.9% to 34.2%)

■ The worst clickrate is found on commercial searches where a Google Shopping (13.7%) or Google Ads (18.8%) feature is shown.

■ Featured Snippets (23.3%) and Knowledge Panel features (16.7%) also reduce the organic clicks.

■ In general, where there are more different elements and integrations in the SERPs, you'll find lower CTR figures.


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