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Top 6 Best YouTube Video Editing Tools

YouTube is a platform for creators, and creating the best video is extremely important to gain maximum viewership. Quality content is the only way to get maximum viewers and subscribers. Therefore here are Top 6 Tools that will help you make professional videos within minutes.

01. Animaker

Animaker is a simple do-it-yourself animation software. The open beta version of the app was launched in 2014 and online software was officially launched on February 2015. The tool can be used online to create various animations using pre-built characters and templates for videos and can directly post videos to YouTube. The tool can be used by downloading the chrome extension in Google chrome store.

02. Renderforest

Renderforest is an online tool that let's you create professional intros, animations, slideshows, promos and music visualizations without any technical skills in minutes. They help in creating extremely professional and creative YouTube intros and outros which help to enhance the original video. They provide a free access to over 150,000 plus free video templates. They have already created over 5 Million videos with over 3 Million users.

03. Moovly

Moovly is a platform which lets users create animated video info graphics that includes a mix of animation and motion graphics. The interface of the tool is extremely easy as it let's you use the drag and drop interface. There is great range on choice. Without any prior technical knowledge one can easily create engaging video content for YouTube.

04. Lumen5

Lumen5 is an automated video creation with the help of A.I. The interface is very simple, you just need to insert a blog post or rss feed and the Lumen5 interface will convert the entire article to a video and match each scene with relevant videos, photos, and music. The library contains millions of free media to choose and match with the relevant content of the article.

05. Movavi

Movavi is an all-in-one multimedia editing software for PC. This software lets you create professional videos for YouTube and other social video sharing platforms. There are various slide transitions and effects that enhance the quality of the video. The software lets you create High Definition Videos and directly share on YouTube. Audio editing tools are also found in this software.

06. Movie Maker 10

Movie Maker 10 is the software in built in the windows PC or can be purchased from the Microsoft Store. It's simple to use and you can create an entire video from picture clips and music. You can edit the background and various transitions and trim and clip videos together. It's a complete package for video editing. The resulting video will be in HD and can be directly uploaded on YouTube.

*All Tools have a free version and their respective premium versions are available online.


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