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Why Should News Publishers Care About SEO?


SEO is more than just just a source of traffic, it is also a highly cost-effective means of building brand awareness and authority.


High ranking articles on Google or other search engines, such as Bing and DuckDuckGo, give news sites prime real estate. In the end, strong SEO means content works day and night to attract new audiences from across the web and cement the brand’s position within the industry.

Unlike retailers, who make their money from on-site purchases, publishers’ revenue streams often consist of subscriptions, sponsored articles and ads. SEO helps generate increased website traffic and visits, creating new opportunities to sell subscriptions or drive ad engagement.

Course Video

In this video, you’ll learn why News website SEO is different from a typical business website.  
The following are the main points discussed in this video. 

  • Keyword changes every day 

  • Google Trends 

  • The small time window to stories rank 

  • How to get it right the first time? 

  • Google News and Google Discover 

  • Adherence to EAT 

  • Transparency about the writer 

Another Helpful Video

In this video, get a news publications professionals guidance for How to do SEO for news websites.
The following are the key points of the discussion.   

  •  What's different when you do SEO for a news Website? 

  • Will publications move on from AMP once it's not a requirement? 

  • What's the workflow to crawl, index and monitor results fast for news sites? 

  • How you optimize for Google Discover 

  • A last news SEO tip

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