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A Must Try Content Format for Publishers-Web Stories


Publishers can create Web Stories that contain interactive experiences like quizzes or polls. The publisher can integrate these experiences with a backend service to collect user responses. Google offers publishers a backend service in accordance with Google’s API terms of service to make it easier for them to create interactive Stories. Web Stories that use Google’s services might store your responses so the Story can display how users respond.

There are several benefits that Google Web Stories can add to your brand.
1. Your Web Stories are YOURS!
You can create, edit, and publish your stories to your website. You can even publish them to your social accounts using tools like MakeStories. 

2. Not Time-Bound
Web stories last as long as your web page exists. You get to decide the duration. 

3. Reaches a wider audience than social media
Content creation is very competitive today and one of the key objectives is to have a large reach. Google Web Stories aids inbound marketing efforts. 

4. Faster Page Loading
When website pages load faster, Google accounts for this in its algorithm. This aids in ranking your page higher on search engine results.

5. Monetize Web Stories
Creating stories for the web is an engaging way to interact with your users. It is also a great source of revenue generation. 

6. Real-Time Notification to Users
There is a ‘live story’ attribute on a Web Story. Adding a new page sends out real-time notifications to users. This feature is particularly useful for brands announcing new developments and breaking news.

Check Out This Helpful Video

In this video, you will learn about the why, what, and how of Web Stories and how Google has gone the extra mile to let Web Stories shine by providing the right tools and the right guidance for content creators to succeed on the web.
The following points discussed in this video 

  • Creative control.

  • Story authors retain 100% of any monetization

  • Tappable stories have become a major part

  • Stories are also more structured

  •  Web Stories are web pages.

  • Stories easy to share and embed

  • The Web Stories carousel on Discover

  • Customize the immersive consumption experience

Another Helpful Video

In this video, you will learn search engine optimization and how to make your Web Stories visible on the web!
The following points discussed in this video 

  • Treat your story like a web page: Sitemap, links etc.

  • Publisher Logo & Poster 

  • Title 

  • Regular web page metadata

  • Linking to Stories

  • Image and Video descriptions

  • Content is king

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