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YouTube Channel Analysis for Digital Publishers


Why YouTube Analytics and Performance Matter to Digital Publishers? 
YouTube has over 2 billion monthly users, equal to nearly a third of all internet users. That audience is almost 10,000X greater than the highest-attended concert.
Taking a little extra time to check your YouTube analytics will tell you how well your videos are performing and where you can tweak your content. Using this valuable data can mean the difference between 1 view and 1,000+ views.

Also your YouTube competitors can tell you a lot about content creation strategies. With the help of competitors monitoring, you can track the trends on the platform and curate content accordingly. Moreover, your competing brands’ videos can also help you find out what works in your industry. Suppose your rival brand is getting maximum views for how-to videos, then maybe you should start curating videos on similar lines!

Competitors monitoring helps you decode their audience base
Analysing competitor performance will help you find where your videos lack

Guide to Conduct Your Own YouTube Channel and Competitor Analysis in 8 Steps

1: Examine Key Metrics in Your YouTube Studio Dashboard

  • Monitor Comments on Your YouTube Content

  • Review Your Latest Video’s Performance

2: Explore Your YouTube Channel Analytics

  • Your Channel’s Reach

  • Your Channel’s Engagement

  • Your Channel’s Audience

3. What Your YouTube Video Stats Tell You

4. Identify Your YouTube Competitors

5. Analyse the video content of your YouTube competitors

6. Track your YouTube competitors’ metrics

7. Analyse your YouTube competitors’ activity level on the platform

8. Make a note of what your YouTube competitors are not doing

Course PPT

Here is an example of a publisher's Youtube channel analysis presentation.

The following points discussed in this presentation,

  • Current Youtube Channel Overview 

  • Engagement check 

  • Youtube SEO Check 

  • Competitor Analysis 

In this video, get a detailed explanation of Youtube channel competitor analysis.

You will get step by step how to find your competitors on youtube and what things to look for that will help you with your youtube goals.  

  • Detailed Competitor Analysis to Grow Your YouTube Channel

  • How to find competitors in your industry

  • How to research your youtube competitors 

  • Create goals from your competitive analysis

Another Helpful Video

In this video, you will get practical  YouTube Competitor Analysis to Grow Your Channel 

  • Find 15 Youtube channels within your niche 

  • Trending Channels 

  • Declined channels 

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