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Mobile App Install Ads:Reach out to larger audiences!

Updated: May 6, 2021

Why App Install Campaigns?

  • Get higher and measurable ROI-App Ad Installs will help you get good rankings which are nothing but good conversions.It might be slow in the beginning but later in time,it fetches you good returns in the form of number of downloads.

  • It gives a free trial period to users to decide whether to install the app or not-Through install ads,a user gets a chance to try the app for once.This gives a free will to your audience to experience your app first hand

  • Increase your number of downloads in short span of time

  • Pay when you see tangible results (cost per actions or cost per install

  • App install ads are designed to drive installs of your mobile app from third party sources.This includes ads of your app shown on various social media feeds which then redirect to your mobile app page on PlayStore for installation.

Remember to check your pocket before buying ad space on the platforms!

Yes,deciding on a budget is quite important for a paid app campaign.Unpaid or organic ads pull data or insights as per the interaction of the audiences with your apps directly and hence doesn’t make you bother for money to be poured in but with paid campaigns this phenomenon matters.

You need to do the math when it comes to this.The rates depend on the countries and the platform’s discretion over there.Usually,the rates vary and that affects the choice of platforms, the ad budgets, and the overall effect on the installs

Downloads x Cost per install= Total daily budget

The route that campaigns follow to get you the best ranks and higher number of downloads.But all of this show runs on 3 factors

  • Ad location

  • Platform chosen

  • App category.

Cost Per Install

CPI is the basic metrics used to determine insights regarding your mobile app downloads.You must have these metrics on top of your priority while auditing your mobile app performance.

CPI Formula: Total Ad spend / Total measured installs

This is not the only way your insights can be checked. There are various methods through which you can estimate how your app performs.Following methods are used to determine your insights:

  • Cost per mile (CPM)

  • Cost per click (CPC)

  • Cost per action (CPA)

  • Cost per view (CPV

Comparison: Google UAC Ads vs Facebook Install Ads

Google UAC Ads

Google Universal Ad Campaign uses Machine Learning Technology for analyzing and matching your app with the correct audience.Launched in 2015,unified the platform for various developers to promote the app on Google without any hassle.

  1. It uses ad text ideas and assets from your store to showcase ads across platforms

  2. You need to add starting bid, location and languages etc. to showcase ads to targeted audiences.

  3. The main advantage is ‘efficiency’. It uses particular ads and displays on various Google properties: Display,Text,Search Ads,Youtube and Gmail and PlayStore.

FB Install Ads

Facebook Install Ads offers wide target options to target your audience in an effective way.

  1. Facebook Install Ads helps you into targeting your audience on various categories such as behaviour,interests,demographics,age,gender,behaviour etc.

  2. Facebook allows you to deep targeting such as:people learning zumba,looking for gyms near them,enrolled into a diet plan’ instead of giving an umbrella term ‘fitness & health’ to target your audience.

  3. Facebook also provide ‘Lookalike targeting’.It is an algorithm unique to the platform that targets your audience using common demographics,interests,preferences,behaviour etc.When you create a Lookalike Audience, you choose a source audience – a Custom Audience created with your pixel data, your mobile app data or fans of your Page.

Conversion Rate Per Category (USA)

To put into simple words, conversion rate is the percentage of installs that are received on clicking on your ads.( basically,CTAs)Conversions can be collected through various forms like bumper ads,forms,links,downloads etc.

Top 5 categories with highest conversion rates

Steps To Run A Perfect App Install Campaign

1.Get to know your audience

It is important to know your user before you campaign.Have a deep understanding of what your user expects from your app,their gender,location,demographic,preferences etc.Campaign works only when you choose the right platform depending on your users preferences.It may happen that users might click on ads displayed on social more compared to search ads or text ads.Another way of attracting traffic from site to apps is to offer discounts,incentives,offers etc on in-app purchases.

2.Choose the correct platform

Answering when and why for the users is always work half done. Remember, the platforms chosen to show ads sets the tone for the further campaign.Display Ads are the most effective way to attract traffic.On the other hand, social ads also helps in displaying your ads frequently on multiple platforms like Instagram sponsored ads,Facebook paid ads,Youtube bumper ads or Snapchat stories as the demographic on these platforms are of potentially interested to try new apps.

3.Personalize your ads!

You must always make sure you look after the end user.The ads must appeal them to click on it and install the app.By personalizing we mean to make it creative.Send personalized messages in your ads,try to connect emotionally with your audience.Choose features of the app that you feel has an appealing quality.It works!.The entire purpose is to initiate CTAs as much as possible.

4.Make deep linking effective

To get resourceful conversions,it is necessary to have a good deep linking network.A broken link will not change your CTA to effective conversions.For example, a user must be taken to the download page of the app when clicked on an ad.If it takes the user to the home page and then user have to look for downloads,it shows that the link is broken and this won’t help in good conversions.

5.Retain engagement

The task is not over yet!.It is very important to retain your user to keep coming back to your apps.On an average,if a user downloads 10 apps, he uses 3-4 apps daily.To keep your app in remembrance,you must keep on sending notifications,emails,ads on other platforms even after the user has downloaded your app.This not brings click to open rates but also helps to have good conversions.

How to optimize universal app campaigns?


1.Look out for installs

Google play aligns your conversions with your Google Ad account.This creates a conversion source which tracks your first open installs. At times, it happens that the source may overestimate your conversions initially.But this a very effective way to promote your app as you get an idea of your CTAs making to downloads or not.

2.Understand your CPI goals

It is important to get a hold on your in-app targeting before promoting your app.CPI will fetch you good revenues only when your campaigns are successful to attract downloads.To do that, you must set your CPI goals keeping in mind its effect on the downloads patterns observed.

You must also look after the LTV(lifetime value) of a paid subscriber regarding its value of subscription and average lifecycle.

3.Campaign Budgets by Performance

It is essential to note that universal campaigns have different performance on different platforms.Typically,iOS campaigns have higher CPI compared to Android.It is advisable to set segments to budgets depending on the performance of your app campaign on various platforms

4.User Targeting in-app purchases

It may happen that initially your universal campaign may work great but with passage of time you may notice that uninstall rates begin to rise.This is an alarming situation as it completely out of your control.There is a way out by changing the ‘kind of users to target’ in your google ads. ‘Users likely to perform an in-app purchase’ is the option that you must enable to avoid this situation.

App install ads are one of the best tools a user acquisition manager has for acquiring an engaged audience.If you aren’t already leveraging app install ads in your ad campaigns,it’s time to invest your time and resources into creating app install ads to scale your userbase.



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