It's 2020 - Here are some fresh SEO ideas for Editorial And Content Writers !

Updated: May 19, 2020

It's no secret that content is the battlefront where the SEO wars of 2020 are going to be fought.

Watch this video to get some fresh tips. Included in this video are aspects like

1. Writing to answer the intent : How to 'really get' what the user wants

2. Using semantically related keywords to build the topicality of your content

3. Taking care of the visual appeal of the article

4. Featured snippets - the 'new boy' in town

5. Trend Spotting

6. Guest posting : The 'uncrowned' king of link building

7. Growth Of Video and Image Search - The latest stats

8. Getting engagement on links shared on social media

9. Writing to cater voice search

10. Internal Linking : Often the lowest hanging fruit which tends to get ingnored.

We have covered all the above points in this single video.

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