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AI in SEO. What is that all about?

Updated: May 19, 2020


How smart is your SEO Campaign | Episode03

This is the third podcast in this weekly series that we have around the house “How smart is your SEO”. So a decade ago, AI was associated with robots and complex sciences and machinery, and you know, SciFi movies, and it felt as abstract and somewhat alien.

It was a move that would more likely be associated with a distant future. Today, AI is accessible even to small businesses because of the AI like features in tools, and we'll talk about it in some time. Before we talk about AI in SEO, let's first remember that search engines use sophisticated AI, machine learning and deep learning to process searches, and they do predict which results will satisfy any search. That means whether you care about AI or not, the technology has a powerful effect on how your content drags and how your brand gets found. So that is on the ranking side.

aspects in marketing

Now, let's look at the implications of this. If you're running a business or if you're managing marketing, the first thing to remember is that automation and AI are different. Automation for example, if you look at any SEO tool, there will be a tool that helps you to do a tech audit. So that we'll go through the main, lead redirection, editors, malware, usability errors You know, so that's, that's an example of automation that's a report which gets emailed to you.

Whereas AI is more about insight which is gained from processing a large volume of data. For example, in the SEMrush tool, there are tools, there are reports called competition insight and SEO template. Now what it does is basically it helps you to draft the right kind of content, which will help you to rank for a certain search term. So it will tell you things like recommended word count. It will tell you things like related keywords. And what was the topic of the second podcast? Semantic analysis. It would give you a lot of hints about how to, what to put in the potential, in the title tags. So this is something that goes beyond automation. This would require some element of human analysis, and that's why it's closer to AI. Content genius FX is another tool that comes to my mind, which has similar reports.

Human role in artificial intelligence

So yes, AI definitely is an important part of SEO tools and so many more digital marketing tools and that in fact is going to be the theme of many podcasts that will happen. So let's end this. Where a human role fits in this SEO process. It is extremely important, you know, we are really not at a stage where things can be, uh, completely driven by the AI elements of a tool.

We are really far away from that, but the main areas where humans can play a role are things like prioritizing content development. So the tool will give you a lot of hints with respect to how you should write a particular piece of content, but which, but there could be 20 such things that you could do so out of that, which makes sense for the company right now. That's, that's prioritizing and that's what a human being can do best.

teamwork for success

Second, it would be a USP projection. Right.

So when you're writing your title tag when you're writing the meta descriptions, how do you project the differentiator of the company. Of course, there are other things like team management and brainstorming ideas. You know, even in SEO, you know, apart from the content-driven idea, there would be ideas and how to beat your competitor because the SEO is only the most competitive digital marketing tactic. So brainstorming. That's, that's a human activity. So yeah, those are some of the things.

I hope you like the podcast for today and be sure to subscribe to our podcast which is a weekly series on “How smart is your SEO campaign”.

Thank you very much.

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